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re: Other Good Links


Fishing Guide –


Tamriel Foundry  –

TESO Life  –

Official News & Patch Notes  –



Some people like addons and some people don't.  This is for those of you that do, and those of you that have not tried them before but are wanting to know more.

There are several sites that are good for downloading, installing and managing your addons and are easy to use.  There are addons for many aspects of the game, all to enhance your User Interface (UI) of the game.  Here are some links to sites that are commonly used.  You can look through some or all of the to see if there is anything that would be of benefit to you.

ZAM's Minion


Here is a list of addons that are super beneficial:

Shopkeeper — keeps a history of all sales for all five guilds you belong to. This history can be accessed in game to get an idea of what things have sold for.

Skyshards — This little addon puts the skyshard locations for each zone on your map.  Makes it easier to find them.

Achievement Trackers — adds a small window to your UI that lets you track uncompleted achievements and changes the list to match the zone you are currently in.

Treasure Maps — puts a small page icon on your map for any treasure maps you have in your possession.

Undiscovered — puts points of interest on your game map making them easier to track. Shows dungeons, dolmens, quest hubs, wayshrines and other useful sites on the map.

All things Wykkyd: 

Wykkyd's Framework — enhances the features and capabilities of the UI.  Also has fade option that when checked keeps chat from fading out so you don't miss those whispers and other chat.

Wykkyd's Outfitter — allows you to make gear sets and ability sets for easy switching to load at will

Wykkyd's Quest Tracker — provides the games best quest tracker with basic command line features to better manage your quests

ZrMM - Modified with Border — places a mini-map on your screen (square or round). can be toggled off. Great to have.

Weapon Charge Alert — puts an icon on your screen when your weapon is running low (yellow) or out of charges (red). You determine what % how low before it shows.

Spam Filter — If you don't like the gold spammers, this is a handy tool to have.  It automatically shuts them down and adds them to your ignore list.  Does not apply to anyone on your friends list.

Research Tracker — places an icon is the item list of things in your bank and bags.  Will flag items you have yet to research.

Multi-Craft — adds a slider bar  which allows you to craft multiples.  Great for alchemists and provisioners who do multiple combines.  Saves time on multiple combines.

MundusMap — adds icons to your map showing Mudus stone locations in each zone. Mouse over shows name and what it does.

Item Saver — adds a yellow asterisk to the left side of items you want to flag not to sell or deconstruct.  Has saved me from accidentally selling or deconstructing.

Chat Alert — that plays a sound for a variety of events that occur in chat.  Sounds can be non-intrusive to very-intrusive, you decide how much and what sounds are for what.

Lorebooks — puts book and scroll icons on your map showing the locations of all lore books and is kept up to date.  great help for completing book achievements.

NoFade — keeps your chat from fading



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