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re: Dear Guild Members:


Dear Guildmates!

I want to explain about guild support and donations. My previous email caused a lot of discussion; So, I would like to make everything clear.

Every trading guild (that has a trader like us), has to spend a significant sum of gold every week in order to get a trader. Spending less money than required (especially in a good spot, like a faction capital as our trader is) means risking the loss of the trader for a week. Keeping the trader is critical, because otherwise we lose income and guild members.

In order to maintain the spot in Wayrest, we need to spend about a million gold per week to be relatively sure that no one overbids us. Our Guild makes money from taxes, which are held automatically from sales by our trader, and some income from guild members' donations/raffle tickets.  Though the taxes that are held from sales are equal to 7%, the guild gets only half of this. The other half goes to ZOS. For the guild to be funded 100% by taxes only, all members have to sell 60k per week. I feel this is an unfair amount to ask of our casual players. But every big trading guild needs to be supported by it's members in one way or another.

People donate their money in order to get the opportunity to sell in a good spot. Some guilds use raffles, and some guilds ask for donations but avoid calling them mandatory because it might be seen as pressure on members. I just said it straight, because I want to be honest with you - if you don't support the guild, then who else will do it.

I was donating the missing sum every week, but now I need your help (especially if we don't want to end like Bal-Mart did lol).  Experienced players usually have no problem donating 2k per week, but new players might have issues with that. Therefore we are organising "classes" to help people understand the game economy and to earn gold. (You will get the mail with info about upcoming events soon).




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